SeaChanger™ Tungsten

The SeaChanger™ Tungsten product line turns your ETC Source Four® into a brilliant, dichroic color changing light fixture. SeaChanger provides quiet and seamless color transitions for theatrical, worship, and architectural applications; the optics are designed to accept any ETC Source Four® front-end assembly, including Zooms and Enhanced Definition barrels. Seachanger™ can reduce the total carbon footprint by replacing banks of gel fixtures with a single unit. Snap to a color in 0.5 seconds with the Speedster color engine option, or enjoy fanless, quiet 1.2 second fades with the standard Legacy color engine. The versatile Tungsten line can also be configured with: CYM color wheels, the xG multi band wheel, a dimmer, or a multitude of custom color wheels.

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Does not include ETC Source Four® components or yoke

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Color Gamut

SeaChanger Tungsten products are dynamic CYMxG color changers used with your ETC Source Four® Ellipsoidals. They utilize dichroic filter technology, creating a nearly endless palette of stable, reproducible colors that don’t shift or fade with time. The SeaChanger™ Tungsten Profile accommodates beam-shaping ETC Source Four® accessories including any FOV barrel (5°, 10°, 14°, 19°, 26°, 36°, 50°, 70° and 90°), Enhanced Definition Lens Tubes (EDLT), Source Four® Zooms and gobos.

Quiet, swipe-free color transitions in less than a half a second are easily accomplished using DMX or RDM control. The xG filter extends the CYM color gamut, and creates deep blues, rich reds and vibrant greens; the xG filter adds natural overtones and nuance to the standard CYM palette, creating a new dimension in realistic scenery lighting.