SeaChanger™ Prodigy is compatible with ETC Source 4WRD™ white LED light source


Imagine the possibilities of a remarkable palette of rich and vibrant colors. SeaChanger™ was built to offer you just that – flexibility, versatility and access to millions of mood setting colors. If you can imagine a color, you can create it and recreate it; from delicate pastels to deep, saturated primaries.

SeaChanger™ was developed to offer unparalleled design flexibility and control across our entire line of fixtures. Our synergistic approach empowers the lighting designer with the ability to combine various fixture technologies in harmony for a seamless visual environment. SeaChanger™ gives you the ultimate creative tool to design with fantastic color, no matter the venue size and fixture combinations.

At the heart of every SeaChanger™ are the legendary dichroic color filters we produce using our unique, patented technology – providing you with an unprecedented source of consistent, intriguing blends of color. Easy to use, the SeaChanger™ adapts easily to your imagination and environment.


The perfect fixture for any venue

Imagine the scene, and there’s a SeaChanger™ to fit. Theater, worship, architecture, interiors, studio or set – these are just a few of the applications that will look outstanding with SeaChanger™ lighting. Call one of our specialists at 800-828-8928 to see how to make your creative expressions a reality.

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A torrent of light with a trickle of energy


Saving energy matters – and SeaChanger™ delivers with evolving light source technologies that give you more lumens than ever before, at luminous efficacies up to 42 lumens per watt.


 Over 125 locations and growing

Find a SeaChanger™ distributor or representative close to you for your next lighting project – whether you need to purchase, lease or would simply like more information.

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