NEW! SeaChanger™ Prodigy

Experience color in a whole new light.

White LED Color Mixing The new Prodigy color engine from SeaChanger™ is specifically engineered to provide color mixing for fixtures using a white LED light source. Prodigy gives users the same high color rendering and extensive palette achieved with traditional tungsten fixtures, while incorporating the energy efficiency of compatible LED technology. The new Prodigy also features a slimmer housing design and silent, fan-free operation with color changes in less than 0.3 seconds.

SeaChanger™ Prodigy is compatible with ETC Source 4WRD™ white LED light source

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Does not include ETC Source Four® components or yoke

*Source 4WRD and Source Four are registered trademarks of Electronic Theatre Controls. No affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship is stated or implied.

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The SeaChanger™ Prodigy derives color from dichroic color wheels, not the light source. These CYMxG wheels are patterned to produce millions of colors and their non-absorbent filters reflect heat, making them inert to temperature damage and resistant to fading. Using the white LED and SeaChanger™ combination, the white LEDs are designed to be replaceable like a common theatrical lamp, thus making Prodigy a more sustainable solution as there is no need to replace the entire LED fixture.

Unique LED Dimming

SeaChanger™ Prodigy works in concert with your white LED source by featuring 2 DMX modes: 4 channel “Legacy” CYMxG mode and a new 5 channel “Prodigy” CYMxG+Dim mode which activates dimming on the LED power outlet to your white LED source, while simultaneously adjusting the color temperature to provide tungsten-like dimming.


At the heart of every SeaChanger™ are the legendary dichroic color filters we produce using our unique, patented technology – providing you with an unprecedented source of consistent, intriguing blends of color. Imagine the possibilities of a remarkable palette of rich and vibrant colors. SeaChanger™ was built to offer you just that – flexibility, versatility and access to millions of mood setting colors. If you can imagine a color, you can create it and recreate it; from delicate pastels to deep, saturated primaries.