SeaChanger™ HMI

The 24,000 lumen SeaChanger™ HMI is the perfect choice for applications requiring bright light, high color temperature, great color rendering and long working distances. The SeaChanger™ HMI is ideal for live events and theatrical installations where there is a need to cut through ambient stage and outside lighting. In addition, the Seachanger™ HMI provides an excellent light source for TV and film production where high CRI and adjustable color temperature is required. The long throw capability and fast color snaps of the Speedster dichroic color engine makes the SeaChanger™ HMI great for indoor and outdoor themed attractions (when installed in an approved outdoor enclosure) as well as general architectural illumination.

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Does not include ETC Source Four® components or yoke

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When you need throw distance and every lumen counts, the SeaChanger™ HMI is the right choice. The powerful 24,000 lumen color changer has the output and color changing ability to cut through the thickest theatrical fog and daylight. One SeaChanger™ HMI can equal the light output of multiple fixtures, saving power, hardware, and maintenance costs. The 0.5 second color speed is perfect for live events, shows and themed attractions.