SeaChanger™ is a revolutionary color changer created by Pixelteq, Inc., a custom optics manufacturer that produces dichroic color filters for professional-grade moving head fixtures and color projectors. SeaChanger™ brings the best in color changing fixtures and accessories to the entertainment, worship and architectural markets. Options include white LED color mixing with Prodigy, the extended color palette of the Tungsten line, or the high lumen output of the HMI; SeaChanger™ – the most versatile and sophisticated color changing fixture on the market.

The patented, patterned dichroic color wheels and dimmer wheels are what make SeaChanger™ a unique and highly technical product. The extremely tight spectral tolerances make it possible to produce great color consistency on every SeaChanger™ built. Our dichroic color wheels are durable and will last a lifetime with no fading or bleaching over time. SeaChanger™ is the choice of lighting professionals around the world.

SeaChanger™ products are ETL (3104273) and CE certified and carry a one year warranty. All SeaChanger™ products are manufactured in the USA in Largo, Florida.

SeaChanger™ Sales and Engineering are available to help. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.